Our Services

Software Evaluations


We first meet with our clients to discuss their business needs, desire for improving efficiencies and develop an understanding of their project scope.

Secondly, we outline a list of software requirements and assist our clients with evaluating vendor responses and scheduling demonstrations.

Software Implementations


Once a decision has been made to purchase a software, where do you begin?  Think about your next steps as being similar to a 

Pre-Construction phase of a new contract.

Steps may include reviewing and possibly upgrading/implementing  your infrastructure, hardware, operating platforms, URL's, and cyber security.  Assigning internal resources to assist with 3rd party software integrations, data extraction from legacy system, data conversion imports to new system, file builds, user training, parallel payroll processing, beta testing, report design and finally you arrive at your destination "GO LIVE".  Life is good right?  

This is not always the case, your software vendor will soon depart, they've done their job.  Your employees are busy catching up with normal responsibilities, so who will now manage your change?  

ProCon can be with you every step of the way, providing a road map, controlling traffic and introducing industry experts to help you navigate your way.

Project Coordination & Management


We help our clients manage internal and external project stakeholders.  We almost always host meetings via the internet and/or phone. 

Our detailed project plans and documentation templates help alleviate unnecessary travel expenses.  We provide our clients an insight into their project work plan(s) and performance as a standard.  Our customer portal is also available for clients wishing to have direct visibility.

Data Conversion


When building a new software, it's often valuable to bring old data forward....let us review with you the files that bring the most benefit  as part of your inital GO Live phase.

Redesigning Usage


Do you really need to search for new software?

Could it be as easy as redesigning the user experience?  YES, sometimes it's just that simple!

Continued Support


When users are in need of training, additional software implementations or just general questions....we want our clients to continue to call us for helping their teams maximize the companies software investment.